Release Date: TBD

Price: TBD

VR support: all major headsets


Inspired by pixel art adventures and classic platformers; jump and dash through unknown, labyrinthine worlds as you search for treasures and the origin of the blight that has swept across a once prosperous civilization.

Try the early movement demo NOW on!

Make your way through procedurally generated worlds filled with secrets both decrepitly ancient and awkwardly modern.

The game uses small handcrafted areas, or cells, that are pieced together into a maze-like vista; winding paths where some new treasure or peril could be waiting around every corner. This cell structure creates the feel of a 2D "screen" based platformer in 3D.


Choose the most fun and comfortable movement mode, change it at any time.

Meander through the world, or dash through as fast as you can.


Discover dusty artifacts, marvelous treasures, and essential tools as you unlock the mysteries of this world.


Collect beads that offer new abilities and augments to aid in exploration. Or stow away these augment beads for a greater challenge. Yes, even your own health.


Fight back against maddened, infected creatures


or wash the blight away


Blightseeker is a VR adventure-platformer currently in development by Hypernoodle Games. 


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As an ongoing project, all assets are game features are in flux. Game development can look clunky, blocky, and especially silly to up until it's done. Nevertheless, hopefully this gives you a taste of what Blightseeker will be.   Please feel free to reach out to Jon at Hypernoodle Games via the contact form if you have any questions or comments!