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Release Date: TBD

Price: TBD

VR support: all major headsets

Inspired by pixel art adventures and classic platformers; jump and dash through unknown, labyrinthine worlds as you search for treasures and the origin of the blight that has swept across a once prosperous civilization.


Embark on a journey through labyrinthine worlds to either cure or decimate the blight that has plagued this ancient civilization.

Set in an eccentric land, quirky gameplay asks the player to think of unique and creative solutions in order to advance. From tennis-like attacks to healing enemies, it is a wonderfully perilous journey through the realms.



High accessibility movement modes! Change it at any time.

Utilize and McGuyver unique tools to aid in your adventure.

Fight or save creatures maddened by blight. The choice is yours. (5).gif

Collect beads that offer new abilities and augments to aid in exploration. Or stow away these augment beads for a greater challenge. Yes, even your own health. (2).gif

Roam through the realms and discover long forgotten places. (4).gif

Get lost within these stone walls. Forage. Think. Survive. (3).gif

Blightseeker is a VR adventure-platformer currently in development by Hypernoodle Games. 


To be the first to receive updates peeks into the process, calls for testing, and more please join the mailing list above!

Blightseeker is currently in early development. Assets, gameplay, and preview are subject to change. Please feel free to reach out to Jon at Hypernoodle Games via the contact form if you have any questions or comments!

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