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Pour and serve as fast as you can in this VR arcade-style mug management frenzy! Keep everyone gulping down root beer until they leave to clear each level! And whatever you do, don't break a glass!

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Root Beer On Tap

Developed and Published by: Hypernoodle Games

Language: English

Platforms: Steam(Windows)

Best played with Valve Index controllers

VR Support: Valve Index

                       Oculus Rift 

                       Oculus Rift S

                       Windows MR

                       HTC Vive / Vive Pro

                       HTC Vive Cosmos

Contact: jon@hypernoodlegames.com

EA Release Date: October 29th, 2019

Root Beer On Tap is a virtual reality strategy-action game, where you pour and serve drinks to customers as quickly as you can and grabbing glasses as they come back to you.  The game is inspired by classic 80's arcade games, but designed from the ground up exclusively for virtual reality.  The game is designed to be played in short bursts, or passed around between many people as a taste of what VR can bring.

Root Beer On Tap is the first game from Hypernoodle Games, a solo developer by the name of Jon Ludwig who is currently based out of Tokyo, Japan.  

The game is releasing into Early Access on October 29th, 2019.  The plan is to stay in Early Access for three to five months, and spend that time building accessibility features as well as rewards for progression through the levels.  On EA release you will be able to play through all levels of the game, enjoy 5 different level themes, and unlock alternate/hidden levels.

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