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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Hi everyone,

I hope whomever reads this is doing well given 2020's special brand of apocalypse.

Here at Hypernoodle Games I've been working for a bit now on a new VR title! I'm excited to start pitching this project while I continue early development of the game, which I'll start doing today as part of the #pitchyagame event on twitter! If you want to see development updates on screenshot saturday, follow my personal twitter account @jon_ludwig where I post weekly. Forcing myself to produce something visual and share the development of this game even at this early state has been wonderful for me, and although sometimes difficult I'm always glad I do it.

And now a little about Project AdVRnture (and yup, the name is supposed to be that bad, just so that I absolutely must change it some time in the future). Check out the game's page here on the Hypernoodle website for the elevator pitch and some early development details, but here I want to talk a little more big picture and explain my motivations for this project.

With this new project I am creating the kind of game that I've wanted to make for at least 10 years or more. And yeah that's pretty cliche but really I couldn't think of a non-cliche way to start this explanation so it's what you get. A game that in part pays tribute to and hearkens back to the experience of playing TLoZ: The Windwaker, Chibi Robo, and more recently Fez and Hyper Light Drifter. I'm taking these grand ambitions and stripping them down to a size and scope that is somewhat achievable for me as a tiny indie developer. The world will be a nice, whimsical, exciting place to both play through the game in as well as just relax in. Startling at times, sure, but never truly spooky scary. I'm way too easily frightened in VR to create something that is even remotely spooky and be able to play test it anyway. And VR is important to fully plant you inside the game world and maximize the feelings of place that I hope to create. Part fun romp through beautiful environments, part a reflection of my own lived experiences, there's a lot of game planned. Which is why I'm beginning this pitching process in order to hopefully secure the ability to spend as much time on this game as possible. I'll be sharing a lot more about development and the story of this world as time passes, and I'm very excited to share everything I can with you throughout the process. For now, go check out the new game page, take a look at all the lovely gifs posted there, hop onto the mailing list to be the first to hear more, and if you're feeling super generous maybe pop over to twitter and give me a retweet. Regardless, thanks so much for reading, and I'll post again soon.


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